Friday, June 29, 2007

Cancer (hasn't) killed the radio star

Sorry for the title, but Jessica and I will be interviewed by Bishop Robert Forsyth on 2CH (1170 on the AM dial) at 10 pm Sunday night (after the news). We'll be talking about our experiences of sickness and hope over the last six months or so. Can't say I've ever listened to that station myself (I rarely listen to any radio), but in case you're not already sick of hearing me talk about being sick, then this is another chance.

UPDATE: For those out of Sydney, you can listen online. H/T Jason Goroncy.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Over the last few weeks, three friends have been diagnosed with different forms of cancer: lymphoma, leukemia and breast cancer. Two of them are younger than I am!

Next scan soon

It's been over two months since I received the all-clear from a PET scan and so about time to be scanned again. I've been trying to contact my oncologist this last week, but he must be on holidays. He's usually very good at returning calls quickly. It's been over two months since my last cannula, but my wrists are still tender...

UPDATE: Just found out he is away and will be back in early July.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Before and after

A tale of two scans
I've just realised that I never posted these amazing images. The first is part of my CT scan from 1st December last year and is two vertical slices of my body. The black path down the middle of each picture is my windpipe. Towards the bottom it divides into two (one bronchial tube to each lung). You can clearly see the growth (which measurements of its height and width) almost entirely blocking my left bronchial tube (though this is on the right of the image, since you are looking at my chest front on). This is why I was having difficulty breathing! In fact, I only really started having noticable trouble with my breathing a week or two later than this scan, when the growth must have been bigger. By the end of December, just before treatment started, this left tube was completely blocked at times (esp when I lay down).
Breathing easy
The second pair of images are from my most recent CT scan. This is the same region as the first scan. Notice the smooth sides of the windpipe and bronchial tubes. There is still a residual mass visible, but it is much smaller.
This is wonderful - however, it doesn't mean a definitive 'cure', as I have mentioned before. I will continue to have regular scans every few months (another one is coming up in a few weeks). It is not until two years without any regrowth that they are happy to say that this growth has been beaten.