Friday, March 27, 2009

Scan and flashbacks: two years

Today I had my first CT scan in the UK. I was back at the Western General Hospital and it would have all been very efficient except the person who was in the scanner before me had some kind of emergency (I never found out what the issue was. I hope s/he is ok) and so I was left sitting in my hospital gown with an IV in my arm for almost an hour.

I won't get the result until I go back see the oncologist, and I won't know when that is going to be until I receive a letter informing me of my next appointment. Back in Australia, I would usually get the result that afternoon.

As my experiences of hospitals get further apart, that season of my life seems further away. It has now been over two years since I finished treatment. Yet returning to a hospital brings it all back. I suddenly see the chemo ward, or the radio room. Although these flashbacks are (generally) not overwhelming, they are quite unbidden and spontaneous.