Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Here are links to various topics I am often asked about:
Blog title: what does it mean?
Breaking news: what's the latest update?
Diagnosis: What's the story? What do you have?
Cause: How did you get it?
Prognosis: Is it terminal? How long do they expect you to live?
Symptoms: What effects does the cancer have? How does it feel?
This list is still under construction - I will be adding more content over the coming days and weeks. Please be patient, though you can let me know in comments if you have questions you'd like answered.


byron said...

Here are the questions I am hoping to answer soon. Let me know if there are others.
•Prayer: Why pray? For what can we pray?
• Radiotherapy: What? Why? Who? How? When? Where?
• Chemotherapy: What? Why? Who? How? When? Where?
• Diet & Lifestyle
• Mental/emotional
• Alternative therapies
Side-effects: What effects do the treatments have?
• Breathing
• Swallowing
• Sleeping
• Skin
• Immune system
• Energy
• Mental effects
• Other
Reaction: how are you feeling emotionally and spiritually?
Medications: what are you taking?
Work: what's your new job and how will this affect it?
Family: how is Jessica and the rest of your extended family?
Finances: how much is this all costing?
Help: how can I help?
Taking it further: Where can I read more?
Other: my question isn't here - let me know in comments and I'll try to answer it.

byron said...

Sorry that I have still not got around to answering all these, even though many of them are not directly relevant any longer. I wish I'd done this a little more thoroughly, at least as a record for myself as much as for others.