Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Still all clear

After the delays mentioned in the previous post, when it actually happened the scan today was quick and uncomplicated. Apart from some more scarring on my left lung from radiotherapy, there was no significant change from my last CT scan. This is excellent news and a weight off my mind. Praise God!

Third follow-up scan

I was due to have my third follow-up CT scan a couple of weeks ago. My oncologist has been away and the imaging place where I've had all four CT scans had been engaged anytime I rang and wasn't returning emails. It's good to go back to the same place so that all the scans are done on one machine, so I persevered in calling them. Eventually, I made a trip in to the city to see what the story was, only to find the site closed up, the interior stripped bare and no signs or indication if this was a move, renovation or permanent closure.

So yesterday I organised to have my next scan closer to home, indeed just down the road at a medical centre associated with RPAH. And I managed to get an appointment for later today. So as of one minute ago, I've started fasting for the required four hours before my next scan.

Although I've had no physical reasons to think this one might be any different, the extra weeks of delay have added to my feelings of anxiety. I trust that God will be with me whether I am sick or well, but it's also natural to get a few butterflies. I'm glad that it will soon be over.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Crash II

Here are some pics of how our car ended up after our recent crash. The insurance payout has covered it well. Still sad to say goodbye, even if it was going to die of old age fairly soon.