Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A reminder and brief update

Just a reminder to those who check this page that I post far more regularly (nearly every day) over at my main blog: nothing new under the sun.

No major health updates at the moment. I continue to regain strength slowly. I've taken up tennis and am trying to do more walking. I won't see the speech therapist again until December (though she was very happy with how my voice my going last time she saw me). Emotionally, I'm also still recovering, trying to rediscover the dreams and passions I had before getting sick took over too much of my world.


Anonymous said...

In some ways I'm still getting over Harry being sick in 2004. I thank God that you're travelling as well as you are mate... but do try and keep a little wiggle room or "Margin" in your life.

byron smith said...

Thanks Dave - the book looks like good advice.