Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oncology consultation

After my fourth good scan last week, I saw my oncologist this morning, who was also happy with the result. He didn't think a PET scan was necessary and said my next CT scan could be in three months, rather than two. This is all good news.

As for ongoing side-effects of the treatment, we discussed two things. First, I mentioned chemofog and he referred me to one of his colleagues, whom he said is a leading researcher into the phenomenon. She is away at the moment, but will contact me soon to discuss it.

Second, he pointed out the visible scarring of my lungs from radiotherapy. The damaged region comprises less than 10% of the total volume, but is still a significant amount. He said I will probably not win the Tour de France now.

1 comment:

Anthony Douglas said...

I should have thought that was obvious: you've been taking the wrong drugs for that.

However, your commitment to the environmental cause could logically lead you to cycling everywhere, so perhaps one day...