Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Going to Edinburgh!

Personal update
I have been offered a place and a partial scholarship to research a theology PhD at Edinburgh University starting in September and supervised by Oliver O'Donovan. We haven't yet set a departure date as this depends upon Jessica's work situation. My initial project proposal is to consider the role of the church in a society in crisis (more to come on this in due course).

Jessica and I are delighted at this wonderful opportunity, a little apprehensive at the size of the task and more than a little sad to be leaving church, family and friends for three years. This has been a path we have been hoping to pursue for the last couple of years, though our plans were postponed when I discovered I was quite ill. I am very thankful for more life and now to be given such a gift. I am sure the next few years will be stretching intellectually, relationally, financially and linguistically. If you pray, we'd appreciate your prayers.

The scholarship from the School of Divinity at Edinburgh University covers approximately half my tuition fees. If you would like to support my education by contributing to the other half, you can use the secure donation button below, which accepts PayPal, Visa or Mastercard.

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Benjamin Wu said...

Hey Bryon, congratulations! It's a very late greeting, but I'm very glad you've made it!