Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Update: 30th Jan

The cost of cheap Thai
Today I had a bad afternoon. After eating cheap Thai on King St for lunch, I had food poisoning and needed to go into RPAH (my local hospital: Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) for a few hours to get checked out and have some fluids replaced. I've been told that during chemo, if I start to feel sick, I ought to go in and get checked out, because if my immune system is too low to fight an infection, then what might usually put someone in bed for a few hours could become much more serious. As it was, the food poisoning came and went quite quickly and I was in no serious danger, but it wasn't a pleasant afternoon. At least I had a good morning.

Tomorrow, I will go in again and have chemo #5 if my white blood count continues to be high enough. Today was day #20 (of 33) of radiotherapy.

In other news, our second week at our new church, All Souls Anglican, Leichhardt went quite well. I preached at both services on 'Global Scarcity', the fifth and final sermon in a summer series on globalisation. Sometime soon, it should be available for download from the All Souls site. We continue to feel very welcomed as we get to know more of the community.


Michael Westmoreland-White said...

See, I tend to think ALL Thai food should be classed as food poisoning, but that could be because I nearly died from my one and only encounter. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I had a hiatal hernia that was moving toward the strangulation stage--and the Thai food enflamed it and nearly put me in the hospital. (It was several years before I was properly diagnosed and had corrective surgery.)

byron said...

Ouch - sounds painful. But I love Thai, so to be betrayed by an old friend was doubly disappointing. I live a few minutes walk from King St, the Thai capital of Australia, with - I suspect - more Thai restaurants per square metre than anywhere outside Thailand! (And nearly all of them with bad puns in their name: Thai-riffic, Thai-phoon, Thai Times Nine (this third one is at 45 King St. Think about it...)).