Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Update: 31st Jan

Just a brief post to say that chemotherapy today was not affected by my food poisoning episode yesterday. I still received both the usual drugs (I will soon continue to extend the FAQs to discuss my treatment), and again had no reaction, thanks to the 20 mg of Dexmethsone that will probably keep me up tonight! Finding good veins for the canula is getting more difficult as some of the ones they have been using in the past are hardened from the treatment.

Also, my oncologist spoke very positively today and how well things seem to be going in his opinion. We discovered that I will probably receive only two more rounds of chemotherapy (and so chemo and radio will end around the same time). At that time, we'll wait four or six weeks for the radiotherapy to have its maximum effect and then repeat CT and PET scans to see where things are up to. We're praying that the growth will have either disappeared or no longer be active.

Today we discovered that a very friendly Christian lady we met a few weeks ago and talked to again today while waiting for chemotherapy is someone we've been praying for every week at All Souls, the sister of another All Souls member also undergoing chemo. It was encouraging to hear her story (and that of her niece, who accompanies her) and see her joy in God (she has only come to follow Jesus fairly recently, having been introduced to him via her niece).


Sonny Downtown said...

Hi Byron,
Have read most of your blog, and am pleased to report no typos. However, several postings made me choke up and/or motivated me to follow Jesus more nearly and/or will hopefully see me never smoke at a party again. For these, I am truly grateful.
PS. Stay away from Bain-Marie - she's no good for you.

Michael Westmoreland-White said...

I know from the experience of relatives that these treatments are also quite painful and can leave one temporarily incapacitated. I am keeping you in prayer, Byron, and have added you to the prayer list at my church.